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07 Steps for Getting Students

07 Steps for Getting Students

Launching a tutoring business can be daunting with myraid of tasks like marketing, invoicing, communication and managing schedule. Among those the most pressing that tutors in their initial stages come across is establishing the constant pipeline of new students and inquiry for tutoring.

At ClassFolios we help tutors to establish their brand and provide toolsets to build their business. These are the practical advice from interviewing ton of experienced tutors on their journey and how they started. Students dont magically appear out of nowhere and these actionable steps are here to help based on knowledge and experience.

Create a website:

It is imperative in these days of Google search to have an online presence. In the case of tutoring, the brand is yourself. For inspiration, take a look at of some the best tutoring website. Your website should include prior teaching experience, your qualifications (including any degrees and certifications), testimonials and a way to reach you for inquiries. This add a degree of professionalism to your tutoring business and helps parents and students in your area to search and find you online.

We at ClassFolios are here to help you get started with a website. Please contact us at contact@classfolios.com

Find Students through Social Media:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are great places to build your social presence. But it could be overwhelming to start and maintain all of these channels. Experienced tutors chose any one platform and constantly engage their audience with quality content. The frequency of the content update makes it critical and you can be innovative with content by using intriquing polls or open ended questions inaddition to updates. Our recommendation for Facebook marketing is to have a business page for your tutoring service. Typical communities in Facebook where there are potential opportunities include your local mommy group.There are lot of successful and niche Facebook groups like Beth Sullivan’s Online Orton-Gillingham and Literacy Tutoring - how to make it work which can be a great way to network among other tutors.

Get a listing on Tutoring Directories and Marketplace:

There are a ton of tutoring directories and marketplaces which can help in getting jump started. Our recommendation is to keep your listing only on free and transparent tutoring directories. Never pay upfront for any listing!

ClassFolios allows you to have a business listing and also SEO friendly. This will help you run campaigns in Google for the local search and enhance your prospect list of students. There are other free services which has helped tutors like Tutor Matching.

Leverage Free Classfied Ads:

Free Classfieds can help you a long way and can even surprise you with many inquiries. Craiglist, NextDoor and bark can help in local listing and be very powerful tools if done right. Ensure your ad is relevant and gets the attention to stand out from the crowd.

Harness the power of Content through Blogging:

When it comes to showcasing your knowledge on the subject you can chose between YouTube or Blog. If you are media shy then Blogging is the way to go and we highly recommend you to get a blog with quality content published biweekly. Blogs are a way to boost your Google SEO ranking with original content and help you in online search results.

Setting up a blog can be difficult task and we recommend you to chose existing solutions like wordpress or [medium] (https://medium.com)

Word of Mouth and Power of Testimonials:

Never discount the power of word-of-mouth marketing and can be very useful means to improve your sales funnel. Many tutors even with established tutoring houses still rely on this bread-and-butter strategy. ClassFolios can help in setting up the referral system with testimonials, reviews and more. A satisfied client who owes their high grade to your tutoring services can add immense value.

Include a testimonial section in your website and allow parents to post on your Facebook page with real impact to their kids. These real life success stories is worth much more than paid ads.

Dont forget the old fashioned way:

While all of the above technology based advise works, business cards and flyers do still work particularly in your local area and advance your branding and marketing strategy. Since many tutoring businesses work with local clients, having a business card to pass around within your community and flyer to put in the local coffee shop or library can help spread the word about your services.

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