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Why you should start a tutoring business in 2021?

Why you should start a tutoring business in 2021?

Pandemic Challenges

The pandemic has set back learning for all students and the impact of COVID-19 is complex to access. Educators, parents, and students know the impact of this firsthand and the high cost of this prolonged period of remote learning. There is also evidence on the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of students as noted in the Mckinsey study - Returning to resilience: The impact of COVID-19 on mental health.

Pandemic Opportunity

Although there are challenges the COVID-19 has posted both for the learners and teachers, they are also provide unique opportunities. In the U.S there are about 56.6 million elementary and secondary students.

But the number of registered tutors in U.S is about 190K. And tutor-to-student ratios must be low: no more than three students per tutor, as research suggests is most effective.

This shows the huge gap in tutoring

In the U.K, there are initiatives like National Tutoring Program will last two years, is specifically designed to bring disadvantaged students back up to speed. The entire £350 million ($453 million) program is funded by the national government.

Here in U.S, there are proposals $500 million that would give grants to school districts and teacher preparation programs to use aspiring teachers who are finishing up their teaching program to tutor students at high-needs schools.

There are also initiatives from Khan Academy - schoolhouse.world which is a peer-to-peer tutoring platform to address the huge need that the pandemic has created.

There are researches which establishes this fact of learning loss and the possible solution:hiring professional tutors.

ClassFolios can help

The important factor is there is a lot of need for tutors specially, given the drop in academic rigor that students will have in a regular year. The transition that many existing tutors have to make from pure offline model to an online model needs technology adaptation and tools provided by ClassFolios. There are many aspects of an online tutoring that can be overwhelming including scheduling, managing invoices, communication and timely payments.

ClassFolios helps in every step of the way for a tutor to run their business seamlessly.

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